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MRS LINDA S STUCKER Saturday, December 20, 1997 - (Invalid email address 15 Jan 2021)

Looking for descendants of Zerviah PIERCE GOULD HILL born 6 May 1835 Alfred, Allegany Co., NY m1: Carloss GOULD 1866 in WI, m2: Robert G. ILL 1869 moved to Dodge Center, Dodge Co., MN buried: Riverside Cemetery in Dodge Center.

< a h\ref="">MRS LINDA S STUCKER Saturday, December 20, 1997 - (Invalid email address 15 Jan 2021)

Looking for descendants of George Irwin PIERCE b: 1 May 1840 VanBuren, LaGrange Co., IN married: Lydia DURFEE 1862 in Dodge Co., MN. They lived in Ellington and Concord Hamlet Dodge Co., MN and moved to Creswell, Lane Co., OR. Their known children: Eva L., Wilber I., Tine E. (possibly Emily S.?) and George D.

Bobette Pestana Thu, 18 Dec 1997
My grandfather, Frank HARRISON, married my grandmother Belle BROWN, in Dodge Center on 1 Nov 1891. His membership was transferred from the Alfred, NY, SDB church in to Dodge Center in 1890. His obituary says he was born to John and Mary Harrison in Trenton, MN. 18 Mar, 1863. Belle BROWN had a brother (also named Frank), and a sister who married into the ELLIS family. Since Trenton, MN, no longer exists, I'd like more specific birth info. His children were Effie, Elmer (my father) and Kleo.

Lori Lanum Sunday, November 02, 1997
I am looking for any information on the Jesse Bean Family. Jesse ( b. 1859) and his wife Francelia Burnham Bean (b.1862) and their children lived in West Concord in 1905. There children were : Edward E. (b. 1888), Elmer (b. 1891), Ivan J. (b.1898), Cora (b.1901). Also living with them were Francelia's 2 nieces Hazel and Maud Burnham. I am not sure why they were living there. I know their mother died in 1902 but their father was still alive. Any information would be helpful

Wanda Coppernoll Saturday, November 01, 1997
Seek info on Herbert A. WHITING, b. about 1859, in Wisc., and m. Pearl E. ?, at Racine, Wisc. He was the son of Amos (d. 1895) and Aliza ATWOOD (d. 1915) WHITING of Kingsbury Co. South Dakota. Herbert was a resident of Dodge Co. June 14, 1897, and probably in the printing business (or something to do with shirts?). Possibly had a son named Herbert. Herbert A. was my great-grandfather's brother (Louis E. WHITING). They had two other brothers, Rollin and Wilton. Looking for death date, names of children, or any other tidbits I can find.

Georgann Mantor-Jordan Mon 29 Sep 1997
I am one of two remaining great-grandchildren of Riley and Leah (Brooks) Mantor, one of the original founders of Mantorville, MN. If anyone would like more information about the Mantor/Brooks families, please have them contact me at snail mail:
Georgann Mantor-Jordan
P.O. Box 799003 L.B. 200
Dallas, TX 75379

Penni Fox Sat Sep 27 09:21:26 1997
Searching for a Mrs. PAUL HALL (1880's) in DODGE CITY. I believe that the person in obit is really Mrs. Ellen Hall Paul. If you have any information on the PAUL (surname) family in Dodge City or if you have a PAUL HALL please contact me. I have quite a bit to share on the HALL line and looking for information on the PAUL line. It may also be Martha PAUL as both sisters married someone with the last name of PAUL. If you have the census for Dodge County, will you look and see if there is a Paul Hall in 1880 and/or 1890. Obit of brother states Mrs. Paul Hall of Dodge City. She is a Renslow but don't know which one.

CYNTHIA COX Fri Sep 26 14:37:48 1997
COX, John born May 14, 1775 where?? married Ann (mdn nm unkn) December 10, 1798. They had 10 children - James b. Aug 30, 1799, Daniel b. March 25, 1802, John b. Mar. 14, 1805, Samuel b. Aug. 25, 1807, Joseph b. Mar. 3, 1811 mrd. Edna Malcome, Jane b. Oct. 14, 1813,Edward b. Jan. 25, 1816 mrd. Sarah Showen, Hamilton b. Apr. 3, 1819, John Salmon b. Dec. 13, 1820 and Mary Ellen b. Aug. 23, 1822. These children were born in Ohio. The family moved to Indiana and later to Minnesota. Other relations to this family are REINHART, PANGBURN, INGALLS, KUNDERT, MALCOME, SHOWEN, JESSOP, HOCHSTETLER, PRATT, WEIS, WEIR, HANSON, TAYLOR, HEGRE or HAGRE, OLSON, FIGY, HUFFMAN.

Cecil L Vincent Mon Sep 22 17:25:30 1997
ISO info on Ole Larson BUNGUM b. Jan 13, 1845 in vik Norway, came to America in 1866 farmed in Dodge and Mower County, Minnesota. Looking also for his wife's ancestors, she was also b. in Norway Nov 15, 1846. They had 9 children

Helen Greenslit Graves Sat Sep 20 22:22:50 1997
Bessie A. RUPORT, dau of James and Lydia RUPORT married John Richard GREENSLIT in Canisteo, Dodge Co., in 1899. John and Bessie appear on the June 11, 1900 census living together in Mantorville, Dodge Co. Between this date and 1912 it is believed that a daughter was born and Bessie died. In 1912, John R. Greenslit, widower, remarried. Does anyone know when or where Bessie Ruport Greenslit died? Did they have a child/children?

Cindy Goustin Fri Sep 12 06:27:25 1997
Looking for info on A.O. DAHLE, reported to have lived in Oslo, MN in the 1880's and early 90's. Name could also be O.A. DAHLE. He may be related to the DAHLE family of Adams, Mower Cty, MN. Does Oslo, MN exist today?

Merle R. Price Mon Sep 8 11:47:14 1997
I am looking for any of the family of Vernon Richard MORSE. I would like to exchange information. Vernon was b-13 Mar 1881 @ Walworth, Wayne, NY. d-7 Oct 1954 @ Claremont, Dodge county, MN. His parents were Byron MORSE and Anna SKINNER. He married 24 Dec 1909 @ Huron, Beadle, SD. to Winifred SKINNER b- 21 Aug 1882 @Medford, Steele, MN. d- 22 Feb 1965 @ Claremont, Dodge, MN. They had six children, as follows-- Vernon b-28 Feb 1911 d- 3 May 1911 Robert b 28 Feb 1911 d- 28 Feb 1911 Myron b- 27 Mar 1912 d-22 May 1992 married Pearl LAMBERT Dorothy b- 27 Jan 1914 Married 16 Jul 1941 to L.M.ANDRIST Herbert b- 17 Oct 1917 d- 7 Nov 1988 @ Dodge county, MN. KJames b- 9 Apr 1924 married Elaine SMITH

Nancy Scott Mon Aug 25 19:14:23 1997
I am looking for information on the parents of Lynn Arther STILLWELL Born 29, Nov. 1879 in Dodge Co. He married Birdie Ella GERARD 17, Feb,1909 at Grace Episcopal Church in Hennepin co Minn. I think that Lynn's father was James but I don't have his mother's name. Any help would be appricated.

Kay Diers Fri Aug 22 06:57:02 1997
Looking for John H. Johnson, Born 12/31/1876 in western Neb. and died in 1938 in Tigard, OR. He lived in Dodge Co. Kasson, I am told from 1927-1937. His 2nd wife's name was Mary and they had a daughter, Mary.

Alta Oben Sun Aug 17 11:20:24 1997
This is a query based on a photograph taken in Mantorville in the summer of 1937. My grandmother, Ellen Nelson (born Elna Nilsdotter in Sweden) and her cousin, Gust Holm (also born in Sweden), were visiting a man in Mantorville we believe was a relative. My mother took the picture but only remembers the man being referred to as the Judge. If someone could provide us with the names of judges in Mantorville in 1937, we may be able to puzzle out who it is. The one we are looking for would have been of Swedish origin or descent as well. If someone has access to pictures of judges of the time, I can send a picture for comparison.

Irene Clough Hahn 15 July 1997
CHURCHILL Who like to hear from descents of my gg grandparents Jotham CHURCHILL / Melinda Euphema Randall CHURCHILL who were early pioneers of Milton, Concord and Berne townships and nearby townships in Goodhue co.1857-1889's. Jotham was born in Hubbardton, Ruthland co., VT 29 Dec 1804, son of John CHURCHILL and Martha BALDWIN. Jotham and Melinda's children married spouses with last names of: Matteson; Minard, Goodrich, Edwards, Fracher, Billings, Warner, Marvin,Darling, and McEwen from same area of Minnesota. Have information to share.

Nada Kilgore Sun Jun 29 20:31:21 1997
Walter H. Baumgartner Harriet Gifford Baumgartner Need history prior to their lives in Dodge Co. MN. Lived in Waltham MN.

Susan Hogle Mon Jun 23 18:51:38 1997
Looking for information on the Daniel O Brewer family. I know he had the Internationl Harvestor Dealership in Kasson. Or it may have been His Son Daniel W. Hogle Am also looking for information on the Walter C Hogle family, Looking for information on the George Skogen Family. Along with the Molde family. 23 Jun 1997
looking for information on Daniel o. Brewer he founded the Brewer Implement dealership in Kasson, MN; along then came his son Daniel W Brewer. Also looking for information on the Walter C Hogle family, also looking for information on the Molde family.

H.M.Morehouse Sun Jun 15 16:47:02 1997
I have both Bayer(Beier) and Morehouse ancestors in Dodge Co. in 1865- 1880. Morehouse was there until 1918 and also in Ottertail Co. Elizabeth Morehouse apparently died there, but was buried in Goodhue Co., but I can find no burial records. She died in the summer of 1918. Barbara Bayer was listed in the 1870 census, but not in the 1880 South Dakota census where the family moved. So I presume she had died between those dates.

David Heiden Tue Jun 10 19:36:00 1997
I would like to exchange information with others that may have connections to the Seventh Day Baptist Church, in Dodge City, MN in 1850's to present. Some of the families may have been: ROBBINS, BURDICK, AYARS, BABCOCK, DAVIS, WILLIAMS, CRANDALL, MAXSON, WALTERS, etc.

John Martin Tue Jun 3 14:10:41 1997
I am attempting to find information on JOHN L MARTIN who died in Mantorville, Dodge County, MN on 21 Sep 1885. He was a minister in the Wesleyan Church and a physician. He lived in Wasioja for a number of years and practiced his calling until his death. Four of his sons also lived with him for awhile, JOHN LESLIE MARTIN, LEWIS JUDD MARTIN, WILLIAM MARTIN, and ALBERT ALVIN MARTIN, his wife EMMELINE (ELIZABETH) JANE BERGHES MARTIN died prior to the move to Wasioja. I am particularly interested in the parents names of JOHN L MARTIN.

Mary Ann Runge Mesecher Wed May 28 20:18:36 1997
Peter Engbard , who lived in Dodge County, He buried a daughter Margret 12/25/1879 in Ripley township. I would like to know more about him who his wife was and if their were other children and what were their names. He also bought land from Conrad Engbard and sold it back to him about ten years later. wondering if Conrad was his brother. If Elizabeth Louisa who married Fredrick Runge, was his daughter and where they got married at. Fredrick Runge was from Steele County..

Jerry Unger Tue May 27 21:33:45 1997
Seeking information on the SCHMID family of or around Mantorville, DODGE COUNTY. My great-grandmother Louisa "Smith" may have been born as Louisa SCHMID on 8/21/1873 in Dodge or nearby counties. I have a photo of my grandmother, Louisa's daughter, at the gravestone of BERTHA SCHMID, died 1884, buried at cemetery near Mantorville.

Marge Dulin Sat Apr 26 19:09:02 1997
EDSON: I am looking for information about Joseph Lee EDSON believed to be living in Dodge or Steele Co MN around 1870. Also, his son Milan Chappell EDSON who lived there for a time prior to moving to Washington, DC. Joseph may have been married either to Phebe Chappell or Juba Sargent. Any information would be appreciated. I have information about Joseph and family in other states I will share.

Marge Dulin Sat Apr 26 19:01:34 1997
CHAMBERLAIN: I am looking for information about Elisha CHAMBERLAIN who lived in Dodge Co., MN around 1870. He is listed in the 1870 Dodge Co. census as being in Claremont Twp. Living with him were his wife, Bell, sons Milo and Silas (Celest), daughters Ida, Jessie, and Ellen, and Adebert Chapman, listed as farm laborer. I am interested in land records if available in order to learn how long he lived in MN. Also, any other information about the years he lived in Dodge Co.

Marie Thomas Sun Apr 20 22:09:41 1997
Anyone willing to do a Concord lookup? Looking for verification of marriage for Philo Dolson or Van Dolson to Lydia Ann Tilden on or around July 5, 1856 and if records show ages and places of birth for either one. Believe Philo born 1833 Allegheny County NY, Lydia born c1837 place unknown. Thanks Marie.

Ann Blunt Tue Apr 15 07:57:39 1997
I am trying to find the name of Mary A Blunt's(her married name) husband. His last name is Blunt. She died May 8 1881 in Claremont. If any one could help with an address to Maple Grove Cemetery in Kasson I would appreciate it.

Jackie Humphrey Tue Apr 15 07:25:32 1997
The CROSS family from VT and Wisc. res. Claremont Village Dodge Co. MN 1880. Would like any info. re: CROSS lineage, esp. interested in a BAKER/CROSS m. in VT. Jackie Humphrey 3484 Saddle Brook Dr. Melbourne FL 32934.

J. Humphrey Tue Apr 15 06:07:44 1997
Henry J. Baker b. ca 1834 Onondaga co. NY m. Frances/Fannie Stephens NYS. In 1870 census he res. Minneapolis Henepin Co. MN. In 1880 he res. Claremont Village Dodge Co. MN. When and where did he die and what happened to his ch. Sam Henry b. ca 1857 and Fannie b. ca 1867/8. J. Humphrey 3484 Saddle Brook Dr. Melbourne FL 32934.

Jill O'Neall Ching Thu Apr 3 10:57:10 1997
Desperately seeking any and all PATTEN's of Dodge County, Minnesota, please write to me!!!

Nancy R. Smith Sat Feb 22 14:40:11 1997
Need information on the family of: THOMAS, John Evan died 8 Nov 1955 is buried at West Concord, MN His wife was Mary Alice MACRILL. Need to know her death date and cemetery. They had children-Lee Hartman, Merle Evans, Albert, May A,Edna-married A.W. RUNDQUIST, and John V. I think several children stayed in the area. Thank you for any information you can provide on this THOMAS Family.

Rod Thompson Fri Feb 21 14:45:25 1997
I am searching for any info, sites, or relations to the Thorson's. The earliest ones I know of are Thedmore Thorson, died: apprx. 1950-1955 in Dodge Center, MN. And Stella Thorson, wife to Thedmore, died 1990-1995 in MN.

Dan Stutz Tue Feb 18 20:39:50 1997
Am seeking any and all info on the Fiegel family that settled in Dodge and Olmsted counties in the early 1860's. Emanuel Fiegel settled in Olmsted county and Fred and Jonas Fiegel settled in Canisteo Township of Dodge County. Their mother, Mary Sarah Fiegel came with them. Thank you.

Pauline Hallett Sun Feb 9 08:42:52 1997
HALLETT, John E. was he related to any of the HALLETT'S that were listed in the Dodge Co. Fed. cen. for 1850, 1860 & 1870? John was born b.1835 NY. He Married 1869 Wabasha Co. MN to Lizzy C. Lynch. Who were the parents and siblings of both John & Lizzy? They resided in Hennepin Co. and Kandiyoho Co. before moving to Minnehaha Co. SD

Gary A. Chapman Wed Jan 29 19:15:56 1997

Information on: Chapman, Benjamin and Rachael Adair Children - George, Ella (Beldon), Maggie (Stevenson), Winn (Moore), Kate (Pinnman), Ann (Greenslit), Martha (Roberts), Ben, Will, Joe, Henry, and Rachael. Record of: Marriage of George Chapman to Grace Tyndall Dodge County, Minnesota November 19, 1874 Birth of: Benjamin John Chapman Dodge Center, Minnesota

John R. Donahue Mon Jan 27 11:13:04 1997 Dodge

Looking for information on Zula FAIRBANKS m. Edward J. PAULSON. ZULA died April 1978 Blooning Prairie, MN. Her son Vernon PAULSON died April 1982 Blooming Prairie, MN. Zula FAIRBANKS' mother Calla Trumble Fairbanks was my great grandaunt. Would like to hear from family.

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