John J. Lien, Sr

Dodge County Transcript
October 18, 1900

Another Pioneer Has Passed Away

John Lien Sr., another of the early settlers in Dodge County, has passed from this land of sorrow into the realms of eternal bliss. His illness was very brief and only two days before his death he came to Hayfield to transact some business and call on his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Vigoren, being then in his usual health. But on Thursday morning he was stricken with paralysis and on the following (Friday) morning the end came.

Mr. Lien was born in Trondhjem, Stift, Norway, on March 29, 1826. With his wife, he emigrated to America 45 years ago, settling first in Iowa, where they remained a few years, but not being entirely satisfied with the conditions in that state they came further north and settled in Canisteo township, where they have lived ever since. Being a man of energy, he soon accumulated enough of this world’s goods to carry him and his family comfortably through life, although the obstacles which came in his way were many, as was the case with all the settlers in those early days.

Though the loss to those of his dear ones that are left behind is great, yet they have the satisfaction of knowing that he has only passed to another home, one that is far better that any that this world can provide, be it ever so good and happy. He was a conscientious Christian and a lifelong member of the church.

The funeral occurred Sunday noon from the South Zumbro Church, his pastor, Rev. Lasseson, preaching the sermon and performing the last sad rites.

Left to mourn his loss are the aged widow and six children; two sons-Frederick and John, and four daughters-Mrs. O. J. Vigoren, of Hayfield; Mrs. G. Brannes, of Rice County; Mrs. G. Anonby and Mrs. Henry Kyllo of Canisteo.

submitted by Donna Irish

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