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Charlene Reeds-Ebeling Sun, 17 Jul 2011 13:04
I am seeking info on the descendants of James MANTOR 1791-1870 of Mantorville. Apparently he was my many-grt uncle b Westerlo, Albany Co., NY, son of Royall MANTOR and Catharina COONS/KUNTZ-CORNWELL.
 This is what I have:

 Descendants of Royal "Uriel" Mantor, AmRev
 1   Royal "Uriel" Mantor, AmRev 1758 - b: 1758 in Tisbury, Duke Co., Massachusetts, Martha's Vineyard   
..... 2   Charity Manter     
..... 2   Elisabeth Manter     
..... 2   Mary Manter     
..  +Catherina Coons 1765 - b: 10/02/1765 in Claverack, Columbia Co., New York   
..... 2   James Mantor 1791 - 1870 b: 02/09/1791 in Westerlo, Albany Co., New York d: 08/09/1870 in Mantorville, Dodge Co., Minnesota  
.........  +Seneth "Sena" Kirtland 1796 - 1879 b: 02/02/1796 in Westerlo, Albany Co., New York d: 01/29/1879 in Cherokee, Iowa  
............ 3   Lucy Mantor 1812 - b: 1812   
................  +Unk Bowen     
............ 3   [1] Peter Mantor, Capt. 1815 - 1888 b: 12/15/1815 in Albany Co., New York>Crawford Co., PA c 1825 d: 09/23/1888 in Mantorville, Dodge Co., Minnesota  
................  +Rebecca Brooks - 1845 b: in Coneaut, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania d: 07/16/1845  
............  *2nd Wife of [1] Peter Mantor, Capt.:     
................  +Emily MIller - 1861  d: 09/29/1861  
............  *3rd Wife of [1] Peter Mantor, Capt.:     
................  +Eva A. (?) Mantor, widow Claflin - 1883  d: 08/22/1883  
............ 3   Lydia Mantor 1816 - 1816 b: 1816 in Albany Co., New York d: 1816 in Albany Co., New York  
................  +Unk Scovill     
............ 3   Alvah Mantor 1816 - 1853 b: 1816 in Albany Co., New York d: 1853 in Linesville, Pennsylvania  
............ 3   Rhoda Cary Mantor 1820 - 1865 b: 12/12/1820 in Albany Co., New York d: 06/25/1865 in Mantorville, Dodge Co., Minnesota  
................  +George Washington Sherman Slocum 1818 - 1904 b: 08/07/1818 in Monkton Twp., Addison Co., Vermont d: 03/24/1904 in Washington, Pennsylvania  
................... 4   Lucy Ann Slocum 1842 - b: 11/18/1842 in Mantorville, Dodge Co., Minnesota   
.......................  +Charles Gleason 1833 - b: 07/01/1833 in Montgomery, New York   
................... 4   Julius Franklin Slocum, MD 1844 - 1875 b: 02/19/1844 d: 11/09/1875 in Marion, Minnesota  
.......................  +Lena M. Green 1859 - b: Bef. 1859   
................... 4   Emma Josephine Slocum 1846 - 1921 b: 01/19/1846 in Conneaut, Crawford Co., Pennsylvania d: 04/18/1921 in Mt. Dora, Florida  
.......................  +Orin Winslow Sadler, MD 1842 - 1929 b: 01/01/1842 in Brewerton, Onondago Co., New York d: 01/01/1929 in Tarpon Springs, Florida  
................... 4   Mary Minerva Slocum 1848 - b: 05/30/1848   
................... 4   Augusta Evaline Slocum 1850 - b: 09/29/1850   
.......................  +Charles H. Benton     
................... 4   infant Slocum 1854 - 1854 b: 1854 in Allamakee, Iowa d: 1854 in Allamakee, Iowa  
................... 4   Samuel Mantor Slocum 1857 - b: 09/19/1857   
................... 4   Sarah Lida Slocum 1861 - b: 07/23/1861   
............ 3   Riley Mantor 1824 - 1909 b: 06/22/1824 in Albany Co., New York d: 1909 in Anoka, Minnesota  
................  +Leah Brooks - 1875 b: in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania d: 05/23/1875  
................... 4   Rebecka Mantor   d: in Wasioja, Minnesota  
.......................  +James Ray     
................... 4   Frank E. Mantor   d: in Wasioja, Minnesota  
................... 4   Aaron F. Mantor   d: in Mantorville, Minnesota  
................... 4   Ed L. Mantor   d: in Yankton, Minnesota  
................... 4   Riley J. Mantor   d: in Wasioja, Minnesota  
.......................  +Selina C. Lyman  b: in Corey, Alleghany Co., New York   
............ 3   Frank Mantor 1830 - 1895 b: 1830 in Albany Co., New York d: 1895 in Conneautville, Pennsylvania  
............ 3   Aaron Mantor 1832 - 1920 b: 1832 d: 1920 in Mantorville, Minnesota  
............ 3   Amanda Mantor 1837 - 1913 b: 1837 in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania d: 1913 in Spring Valley, Minnesota  
................  +Samuel Crawford Kellogg     


Erika Trigg Sun, 08 May 2011 18:13
Looking for information on John A. CHAPMAN. His wife, Sarah C. (Lathrop) CHAPMAN 1817-1883, is buried at the Claremont Street Cemetery, in Dodge County. All we know of John A. CHAPMAN is that he was born in New Hampshire around 1816 and died after 1880, presumably in Dodge County. I believe he might be buried in the Claremont Street Cemetery but cannot find any information. 1870 census shows John A., Sarah C. and son, Edward A. CHAPMAN living in the Township of Claremont, Dodge, MN. Last know residence was Claremont, Dodge, MN according to the 1880 census. I am particularly interested in his dates of birth and death, as well as burial info.

Loretta Hanson-Wallace Thu, 23 Dec 2010 17:40
I am researching my family heritage. I have the following information regarding the subject member:
Peter Hans HANSEN, was born on 8/09/1861 in Hessum Fyn, Denmark.  He married Dorthea Christina SORENSEN born on 6/17/1864 in Jyllend, Denmark.  Their marriage occurred on 6/02/1885  in Rochester, Minnesota.  They had two children Agnes Maren (May) born on 2/16/1886 and Thorval Johan (Johannes) on 3/27/1892.  Both children were born in Montorville, Dodge, Minnesota.
My interest is in identifying Peter Hans HANSEN's father and mother.  I have information that suggests his father's name was Hans CHRISTENSEN, born in Denmark.  I have no clue to the name of his mother or the country in which she was born.  This is a big void in my research.  Can you assist me in identifying these two family members?
Thank you for any assistance you can give.
Loretta Hanson-Wallace

Sue Delaney Tue, 29 Jun 2010 21:07
I am looking for any information which will give me a birthplace and parents of my ancestor:

Johannes LOETSCHER, born Abt. 1814 in ?Luzern?, Switzerland; died March 14, 1874 in Milton?, Dodge Co, MN, USA. He married Elisabeth Germann September 08, 1850 in Monroe, Green, WI. She was born November 11, 1825 in Frutigen, Bern, Switzerland, and died January 13, 1904 in Milton, Dodge, MN, USA. She was the daughter of Johannes Daniel Germann and Margarethe Zuercher.

More About Johannes Loetscher:
Burial: Berne Cem?, Milton, Dodge, MN

Notes for Elisabeth Germann:

Elizabeth Loetscher born Germann
Reported by Mr. Frederick
Died Jan 13 1904
Buried Jan 15 1904

Mrs. John Letcher died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Frederick, on January 13, 1904 at the age of 79 years. Elizabeth Germann was born in Canton Berne, Switzerland on November 11, 1825 and when 8 years old came to American with her parents and established a residence at Georgetown, Ohio. In 1843 the family emigrated to Monroe, Wisconsin and in 1850 she married
John Letcher there. After a residence of 16 years in Monroe, they came to Dodge County, Minnesota which has since been their home. Mr. Letcher died in the fall of 1874. Deceased was the mother of 10 children, 5 of whom still
survive. They are JOHN LETCHER of Elva, Manitoba; ED of Seattle; MRS. AMBROSE WALKER of Frazee, GODFREY and MRS. CHARLES FREDERICK of Pine Island. The Funeral was held at Berne Friday and the remains were interred at the Berne Cemetery.

More About Elisabeth Germann:
Burial: Berne Cem, Milton, Dodge, MN
Fact 6: Came to America at age of 8 {1833} with parents to Georgetown, Ohio
Fact 7: Moved in 1843 to Monroe, Wisconsin with parents
Marriage Notes for Johannes Loetscher and Elisabeth Germann: Married in a religious ceremony by William Streinsgath in Monroe, Wisconsin on 8 Sep 1850

More About Johannes Loetscher and Elisabeth Germann:
Marriage: September 08, 1850, Monroe, Green, WI

Thank you very much.

Sue Delaney
40686 Co Hwy 60
Perham, MN 56573

Ralph Cheek Fri, 28 May 2010 13:21
Would appreciate help in learning more about my ggrandparents who moved to Wasioja and died there. Although his parentage is well documented by others, I can't find her parents.  As they both died in Wasioja when it appears that only the Wildwood cemetery was established, would someone mind checking on their possible burial there. George Gorton BURLINGAME,  b 1826 Harford, Cortland Cty., NY, Married 1846 Harford. shortly after marriage they moved to Lake Cty, Wis., then to Dodge Cty, Minn. in 1861. He died 4 Sep1872. 
Harriet, his wife, nee BOISE OR BOIES OR BOYCE, born 1827 location unknown, assume NY. Died 18 July 1863 in Wasioja Twp. Her parents unknown.
Thank you very much. Ralph Cheek in CA

Jim Morley Mon, 26 Apr 2010 20:27
I am looking for verification that  Lynn Willis Barber married Evaline Marriah Scoville in Minnesota (possibly Dodge County) on or about 1 JUN 1871.
Also births of their three daughters – Elsie Violet, Addie M. and Jessie V. Barber.
Also any record of land ownership.
Jim Morley
Fort Calhoun, NE

Joanne Johnston Wed, 31 Mar 2010 22:50

Is there an email for the Riverside Cemetery in Wasioja?

I want to find out if Cora E Myers is actually buried there plus her death date. Her name is on the stone but no dates.

Thank you.


Clarence Janke Sun, 6 Dec 2009 21:57
To introduce myself, I do Volunteer Research Work for the Medicine Hat Genealogical Society of Alberta. I have a patron who sent this particular document to me today asking if I could find further information on this. On the enclosed document from Ancestry which she sent, I find the Source as being your Dodge County, MN Genealogical Society. Am also including below the letter I received from her. This is her GreatGrandfather that she is trying to trace and I am hoping you can help me with this bit of Research.

Clarence Janke from Medicine Hat, Albertas, Canada

Subject: Henry Sureman
Hi Clarence
I came across the attached which may or may not be our Henry Sureman. 
Our Henry Sureman was born perhaps in 1863 which would make him 23 in 1886.  Sounds plausible.
Is there a way to read the back-up to this? 

[The copyright to the above mentioned document is held by The Generations Network, Inc and therefore cannot be reproduced on this website. It is a single page headed “Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s”. The key bit if information on the page seems to be an annotation which states that the immigrant referred to above took out first papers in the naturalization process in Dodge County, MN, presumably in 1886. Also noted is that the clerk of court’s office has the records.]

Terri King Tue, 1 Dec 2009 19:21
My great grandparents Herman and Ida Maria Lousia (Klemp) Wilke lived in Wasioja, Dodge County most of their lives. According to what I found they are supposed to be buried in Riverside Cemetery in Dodge County.  I want to make a Genealogy book about my family and what I can find, but I really cannot find much even on  I would really appreciate anything that you can help me with.

My grandmother’s name is Ella Wilke Kimpel.

Thank you Terri King

David Mattson Sat, 7 Nov 2009 20:30
I am seeking information about Paul HENDRICKSON KYLLO of Hayfield, MN in Dodge County.  For a reason unknown to me he is listed in the Dodge County records under HENDRICKSON KYLLO, but family Bibles etc only use the initial H.  Paul was born in Selbu, Norway on December 28, 1847.  He married his first wife, Ingeborg Hofslien on January 31, 1857.  They produced 13 children and emigrated from Norway in 1887 or 1888.  Ingeborg died in 1876 and Paul remarried to Kari P. Langseth on July 2, 1902.  They produced 4 children.  Paul died on June 11, 1934 in Hayfield.  He had been a wealthy farmer but lost his fortune in the crash of 1929 leaving his wife and young children almost destitute.  I would like to know any information about grandparents Paul's and Kari's lineage in Norway, their emigrations, his land holdings and any other pertinent information.  I would also like to know the background of the Hendrickson name and if and how it may be tied to Selbu.  Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

David Mattson


David Mattson Sat, 7 Nov 2009 20:10
I am looking for information about Carl C. MATTSON (MATHISON), a resident of Hayfield, MN in Dodge County.  His father was Christ or Kristian Mathison of Dodge Center, I believe.  Carl is alleged to have changed his sirname to avoid post office errors.  My grandfather Carl was born in Norway on March 26, 1892.  I believe it was in the Trondheim area.  I would like to know when he emigrated, on what ship and to which city.  Family folklore indicates he was 12 years old at the time, but I have no proof.  He did tell stories about entertaining folks on ship by playing the harmonica.  I have not been successful finding him on the Ellis Island site.   Carl married Selecety Iverson on October 14, 1914 in Hayfield.  They had three children, David Duaine, Carol and Vera.  One daughter, Vivian, died of whooping cough as a child.  Carl worked for the Chicago Great Western Railway for many years.  He died in Hayfield January 1, 1980.  Thanks for any help anyone can provide especially regarding his family history in Norway.

David Mattson


Sally Mon, 02 Nov 2009 22:32
Ole Halvorson GROGARD and wife Barbo Torset Torgerson (Torgerson name from her first marriage)

I would like to know how to find information about a couple who was killed by lightning on July 16, 1878. They were killed in the evening leaving five small children.  I would like to find newspaper accounts of the story and/or obituaries.

This information is from the diary of Assor H. Groth of St. Ansgar, Iowa.  I am related to the Grogards.

People in my Grogard side have also used the names of Halvorson, Ostensen, Gordon and sometimes Garder.


Bruce/Barb Miers Thu, 3 Sep 2009 11:56
James C. Gettys , born 1839, and his wife Mary moved from N.Y. to Red Rock and then Dodge Center where he is listed (History of Olmsted ...) as a trustee in 1870 when the First Congregational Church was legally incorporated.  Can anyone tell me where I might find church records which will tell me something about James and his family? I have a bit of census data but I would like to find out Mary's maiden name etc.

 Thanks in advance.

 Barb Miers


Kathleen Brownston Tue, 1 Sep 2009 23:41
Fanny Cummings  CHAFFEE   B about 1854 Died May 1903 Dodge Center, Dodge, MN
I am looking to find the cemetery she is buried in. And cause of death if known.
She is the daughter of Thomas Cummings and  "unknown mother".  She was the wife of Hiram Sawyer Chaffee


Sally Garriott Wed, 19 Aug 2009 16:27
I am trying to find any information on Florence Ethyl Livingston b. 03 Jan 1907 in Minnesota, maybe in  St. Paul. She was living in Wasioja, Minnesota with her grandparents Sherman and Mary Livingston on the 1910 US census. Her parents were not living there at the time and I am not sure if they were ever married. Her parents were Guy Livingston b.1880 in Minnesota and Anna Larson born in Minnisota. According to family stories Anna died of consumption around 1912-1914. Florence told her family that she remembered her mother and when she died she was a little girl. Guy married another woman named Gertie around the time Anna died.
I can not find anything that connects Florence to Anna Larson, however there is an Anna Larson buried in Vernon, Dodge, Minnesota in the West St.Olaf Cemetery. She was born 1882 and died 1912  which would be about right for what I have for  Anna.
Florence was my husband's grandmother and she pasted away in 1995. I had only her parents names when I started. I am looking for marriage records for Guy and Anna, Baptism records for Florence. Anything would help. Thanks for any help you could give.


Denise Syring Sun, 26 Jul 2009 13:07
I am looking for information on "Butterfield's Hardware Store" in Kasson, MN.  Do you know when it was open, etc?

Thank You!  Denise


Irene Hahn Fri, 19 Jun 2009 15:47
Who was #1JOHN P. WESTOVER married 29 Sept 1902 at Berne, Dodge, MN (marriage record) to LUCINDA E. MOON AMES born 4 July 1828 at sea (Atlantic on way over from Germany) died 28 April 1915 Milton twp, Dodge, MN buried Milton cemetery. Lucinda “Lucy” was first married to WILLIAM AMES who died 1 Oct 1885 Milton, Dodge, MN. There was another #2JOHN P. WESTOVER of Montorville, Dodge, MN who was married to Anna Morris in Wisconsin and later moved to Minnesota. This #2John died in Washiington State. We don’t know if he is the same person who Lucy married? 

Thank you, Irene Clough Hahn


Glenn Fanslow Mon, 15 Jun 2009 19:12
FANSLOW (FANSELOW)(FONSLOW) William (1831-1876)

Census records for 1870, 1875, 1880 have family living in Dodge County,Ellington Township (Warranty Deed, N.E. quarter, Sec. 2, Township 108 Range 18; dated 11 Mar 1875 filed 24 July 1875)

Family included:

William Fredrick Fanslow (1831-1876)

Emilie  (1821-1894)

Ottilie  (1853-1925)

William  (1855-1925)

Probate record in court house at Mantorville has William dying May 23, 1876.  Probate records began in July of 1876 and continued through 1877 and beyond.

Apparently young William lived on the property through 1880 and then he moved to Haycreek Township in Goodhue County.  Ottilie had married Diedrich Rodewald of Faribault and her mother lived with her there.  The property went to Emilie and then to Ottilie and finally to Ottilie's children.  In the probate records Emilie signed her name as Ernestine. 

Emilie and William (senior) are buried in the Rodewald family lot in Maple Lawn Cemetery in Faribault.  William's gravestone says (1931-1880).  I do have a copy of Emilie's obituary from the Faribault newspaper and I have a copy of her death record from The Trinity Lutheran Church in Faribault.  I am looking for an obituary and death certificate (record) for William (senior).  I would appreciate receiving your suggestions as to where I could make inquiries...newspapers, libraries, churches, etc. ???...

Emilie's obituary had her being buried from the German Lutheran Church; but, apparently, that church no longer exists and the records from that church were moved to The Trinity Lutheran Church.  I'm hoping that you may be able to suggest a Lutheran Church or churches that I could contact and/or libraries I could contact to make inquiries.

Thank you for your help!

Glenn Fanslow

1815 Northcrest Court

Ames, IA  50010


Krysta Clausen Sun, 5 Apr 2009 18:44
I am Looking for any records of my family that lived in Dodge county in late 1800's to mid 1900's, any records, photos or places that they were a part of, buried

Emma A. (Crouch) Osborn died March 27, 1896

W        William Edgar Osborn came to Wasioja in 1879 attened the Wesleyan Methodist Seminary.

            Worked as a stonemason, active in Baptist Church

            Bida Bell Osborn born July 27, 1892

Thanks, Krysta


Jane Nitz Wed, 25 Mar 2009 11:40
I am looking for the marriage date of JOHN G. HANSEN (sometimes spelled Hanson)

Son of Jacob and Anna Lene Hansen  -- immigrants from Denmark in 1869 

John was born 1856 in Denmark and HANNAH NELSON (sometimes Johanna Nelson), daughter of Frederik (Fred) and Mary Nelson--immigrants from Denmark in Hannah was born 1866 in Denmark 1867. They were married about 1883 in Minnesota, I believe.  Their families are in the census reports in Dodge county, Minnesota.

 Their children's names were:






They were active in the Baptist church in Kasson, I understand.

Where would I inquire to find that information?

Is it possible to get in touch with the Baptist church in Kasson and get information from their records?

Thank you for your help.

Jane Nitz


Cheryl Adelhardt Mon, 16 Feb 2009 06:03

I am looking for a death record for jennie BALLARD, last known address from 1875 census was with husband george w BALLARD living in Dodge Center.  Age at that time was 28, children were Byron 12, Frank 10, Bell 7 and Birdie(later records show Berta)3.  The next census in 1880 has george married to Jane P and that later becomes Paulina with the same children’s names and Carrie age 2.  Carrie’s age indicates Jane and George were possibly married three years prior or about 1877.  What happened to Jennie?

Jennie was born about 1847 in Wisconsin.

Cheryl Adelhardt



Vivian Guzniczak Fri, 12 Sep 2008 16:19

Looking for church affiliation and other personal information on Phillip HASE,b.1818,in Tonawanda New York and died in Kasson Minnesota in 1897, Washington HASE,b.1847 in Wisconsin,died in Kasson Minnesota,1896, Harriette ENDERSb. 1848, Wisconsin, married alphonso HASE, died in Kasson, in1925--also looking for names of Phillip HASE parents and siblings.  The parents apparently resided in Tonawanda, New York and Springfield Pennsylvania, where Phillip and Hannah Wood were married.
Vivian Guzniczak


Judy Olson Sat, 16 Aug 2008 12:29
I'm looking for descendents of the Von Ruden (Von Rueden) family, landowners in Dodge and Steele counties in the 1870s. Would like to compare notes regarding this surname.

Marie (Mary) VONRUDEN and Anton HESSE were baptismal sponsors for my grandmother's brother Joseph Anton FRIED in 1879. He is the son of Ignatz FRIED and Mary Theresa (HAGER) FRIED. I am certain that there must be a relationship between the FRIED and VONRUDEN families, and he might have been named after Joseph VonRuden.

I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who has researched this family. Thanks, Judy Olson


Carol Buschmann  Mon, 4 Aug 2008 15:44
I am trying to find some family history on my great grandmother Tollefson

 Inger Bjornssdatter Bjornson Tollefson, her husband is Svend Tollefson. They lived in Columbia County near Rio, Wisconsin and they had 4 daughters  later years they moved to Dodge County near Hayfield Mn, where Inger died in 1870. She is buried at the east Saint Olaf Cemetery near Hayfield, Mn. I really would like her obituary so I can find out her Birthday and Parents names and if she had other sisters and brothers.  Thank You Carol Buschmann


John Walbruch Wed, 16 Jul 2008 08:27
John and I are wondering what information you may have on

    * the Marshall family

    * Dodge County

    * Blooming Prairie

    * served in the Civil War

John and Linda Walbruch


Janis Pineda Thu, 03 Jul 2008 22:13
I'm looking for confirmation of the marriage of my grandparents, William T. MUSOLF and Martha NELSON, in Dodge County, Kasson (?), MN on October 11, 1895.  He was born in Germany (Posen, Prussia) and immigrated around 1880.  She was born in Denmark and immigrated with her parents and 4 siblings around 1886.  William and Martha later moved to Pequot Lakes, MN and had 13 children, 9 of whom survived to 

adulthood and 2 of which are still living.    RootWeb indicates that 

my grandparents were married in Foldby Denmark, but this cannot be true.  I can't imagine that they had the money to go back to Denmark to get married where Martha was born.  And why would they?  Their parents lived in Dodge County also.  If anyone has a way of checking for a marriage certificate from 1895, I would be very grateful.  Thank you.


Janis Pineda

Granddaughter of William and Martha Musolf



Julie Bramkamp Tue, 1 Jul 2008 16:11

I'm looking for information for: Gabriel OLESEN  (changed to OLSON in 1880s).  Moved to Kasson, Dodge Co. in 1875 from Dodge Co, WI, with family including my grandfather, Edgar Carl OLSON, born April 6, 1874 

in WI.  Related to  A.G. NELSON, Kasson business man in 1880s-1890s.  

A.G. wrote a booklet, The Nelson Family History in 1927 about Norwegian pioneer life in Dodge Co, WI 1845-50 and their life in Kasson beginning April 3, 1868.

Thank you  Julie Olson Bramkamp


Mary Ruebel  Sun, 29 Jun 2008 22:05

I am looking for information about William Duett (Dewitt). He shows up on the 1870 Minnesota Census, Claremont, Dodge County.


From the 1870 Minnesota Census:

William Duett (Dewitt) –head of household, age 33 

Ellen (spouse) – age 27

Children are:

John – age 10 born in Wisconsin

James – age 8 born in Wisconsin

Anna – age 2 born in Minnesota

Also listed in the household is Ann Duett (Dewitt) – age 70 born in Ireland


I am trying to make a connection between Johanna Duett (born in Limerick Ireland) and William Duett (Dewitt).  I think they may be siblings. Any information is greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Mary Ruebel



Kathy Fri, 27 Jun 2008 22:26

I am searching for a plat map of Vernon Tsp, Dodge County for 1880-1884 with the property of AKThoe in section 34. I am trying to determine who he sold his farm to when he left for SD after 1880.  Does anyone have one they could copy and send me?  Where can I find a copy of a plat map for these years?  I have the 1876 plat map but would like a later one.  Thanks for any help or information.  Kathy


Jack Sossoman Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:17
I am looking for any information on Parley and Melissa Duntley who lived in Mantorville, Dodge County, MN from 1875 till the time of their death.  I have no information on when or where they died, but in the 1880 Census in Mantorville, Parley was listed as age 77 and Melissa (Ann M) was listed as 59.  Thanks, Jack Sossoman  Topeka, KS


Warren Pickering Tue, 20 May 2008 17:32
I am looking for Justice B. Warner and Effie M. Warner. I found that she was buried in Wildwood cemetery, Wasioja, Dodge, Minnesota in It has a comment "sp.francis H".  Section: S  Do you have an index that you could check this for me. I do appreciate any help.


Karen Haley Sun, 30 Mar 2008 20:29
I am trying to find the info on the parents of George Charles HIGGINS. George was born Aug 23, 1888 in Dodge County, MN. I have names of John Higgins (born in New York) and a Johanna Powers (born in Dublin, Ireland) on his death certificate, however, I cannot find any other information on them. What I can gather is, at best, Johanna Powers was the second marriage for John Higgins. However, I have no birth or death date for John Higgins (nor a middle name) and I may have a death date for Johanna Higgins. Any help with this would be great!
George Higgins was married to Sina Jacobson born in Red Wing, MN and had 5 kids: Robert Gordon Higgins, Lois Marion Higgins,


Debbie Duncan Tue, 25 Mar 2008 14:03
I am looking for my son's  3rd great grandparents.  I have followed him through the 1860 Census New York and 1885 Census to Wasioja, Dodge County, Minnesota.  I can't seem to find a death date on either Charles Duncan and his wife Mary Caroline (Stoddard) Duncan.  I would really like pictures of the tombstones if found. I have found nothing in the 1890 or 1900 Census in Wasioja, Minnesota.  I believe they had pass away somewhere between the Census of 1885-1890?

Thank you for your time,  Debbie Duncan


Roberta Schlee Fri, 21 Mar 2008 15:10
I'm looking for information on the family of Olav 'Ole' Hansson Folkestad.  Olav and 3 of his children, Lars, Kjersti and Halvor came to Kasson, Dodge Cty in September 1894.  I've had luck tracking the three children but can find no record of Ole.  He must have died before the MN death records on-line began.  So between 1894 and 1904.  Do you have any of those records, or where can I find them?  Olav was born 13 July 1843 in Bø, Telemark, Norway.  He played the Hardanger fiddle.  Is there any history of him in Kasson?

Please advise how to find him.  Thanks for your help!  Roberta Schlee


Judy Olson  Fri, 7 Mar 2008 13:37
I'm trying to locate information on the Ernest ENGLEKING family with the hope of determining his wife Katharina's parentage. I think she may have been a sister of my Ignatz FRIED, who is found on the 1895 Minnesota State Census one page away from Katharina's family. It appears that Ernest may have had a previous wife, as there are teenage children in their household in the 1880 census when Katharina is only 29 years old. By 1895, she has a whole new set of children, the first four with names identical to Ignatz' children. Most helpful would be an obituary. It might list her family beyond the children. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Judy Olson


Carol and Walter Ellefson  Thu, 7 Feb 2008 13:19
COWLES, Demarcus Leroy.

born PA 5/10/1834, Civil War veteran, died 30/Mar/1925 Sowtell CA, buried 3/Apr/1924 West Concord Cemetery Dodge MN. 

He had homesteaded land in Lone Rock Township, Moody County SD.  I don't believe he ever lived here.  His son, Eddie, may have.  Any information on either Demarcus or Eddie, is much appreciated.

Thank You Carol Ellefson, Lone Rock Township, Moody County SD



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